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Award winning airco well® from Germany!

$188.00 $229.00 saving $41.00

Award winning airco well® from Germany!

$188.00 $229.00 saving $41.00

Purchase and redeeming is easy:

  1. Purchase car clean service on website from your preferred work shop
  2. Receive email with your unique transaction ID
  3. The work shop will reach out to you to schedule your appointment
  4. Simply drive into your preferred work shop and have your car AC serviced

Airco well® air conditioning cleaning system removes germs, bacteria and mould at the source - on the evaporator and in the pollen filter box. Germs are flushed out by a high-pressure jet and all the affected components are thoroughly cleaned.

Airco well® is the best solution for healthy breathing air in your car. This has been verified in extensive internal and independent tests.

Airco well® system is tested by the ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) and the Association of German Engineers (VDI) recommends regular cleaning with the system at least every two years (VDI Guideline 6032).

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