We are not here to sell you a product, we are here to help you live a healthy life

Don't worry, our mission is to educate people on the dangers of improperly serviced car ACs and the financial and health related risks involved. We care about people knowing how to live a healthier life. That’s why we only offer to you, what people really need.

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We tested and selected for you: The best car AC cleaning with more than 20 years of experience. So why should I clean my car AC?

Because of this:

You clean your Home AC, right?

The need to clean your AC unit regularly and thoroughly is just as important in your car! Parts are even dirtier than in your house due to emissions, dirt and street conditions. Not to mention bacteria and viruses that thrive on dirty surfaces.  

Unfortunately, workshops often don't clean as required.  

The 3 Serious AC Problems

  • Problem 1: Health Risk & Diseases

    Micro organisms such as viruses and bacteria thrive on unattended components of your car evaporator and filter box. They can have severe effects on your health and the health of your loved ones! These range from allergies to serious lung diseases!

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  • Problem 2: Bad Odour

    You might have noticed a stench that can come from a car. What most don't know -  it’s often caused by bacteria, funguses and other dangerous microorganisms. They have severe impact on your wellbeing and comfort!

    We all know foul smell in a car – a simple car deodorant does not fix the cause. It does not clean the evaporator and filter box. It just leaves a scent. And often the sticky / oily base of the perfumes can  form a sticky layer inside the car cabin as well as the EV and FB, which collects further microorganisms and therefore even worsens the problem of bacteria load as well as it can cause functional problem due to blockage.

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  • Problem 3: Shocking Repair Cost

    If you don't have your AC system cleaned regularly, it has a high chance of malfunction, blocking and breaking down. 

    No cool air and low air flow

    Higher consumption

    Need for expensive replacement

Ok, I understand there's a threat. But what's the solution for this?

The Award Winning airco well® from Germany

The proven 2 – Step car AC cleaning method carried out in our workshops for you

The Proven 2-Step Car AC Cleaning Method

  • Step 1: Evaporator Cleaning

    The special airco well® hygienic cleaner for air conditioning evaporators is sprayed directly on to the evaporator with the aid of a powerful pressure pot spray gun. This ensures rapid removal of contamination and deposits.

  • Step 2: Pollen Filter Box Cleaning

    The special airco well® hygienic cleaner for the pollen filter box is a cleaning aerosol with spray probe. When the old filter is removed, the pollen filter box is sprayed specifically - for thorough cleaning.

Watch our video of the cleaning process here:

Can you explain to a bit further in detail?

The aircowell method reaches the right place to clean and is the best in class performer because it masters all 4 components of the “Sinner Circle” – the bible for cleanings.

The chemical formula is allergy friendly and independently tested

The tool reaches the components and ensures a proper cleaning

The time is perfect due to the right spray pattern, pressure, quantity and chemical. It creates the perfect residence time

The temperature is chosen right for perfect chemical affection in CAR AC components.

Most competitors fail here by not fulfilling 1 or more components of the cleaning process.

What will I get?

The Award Winner

More than 5,000,000 successful cleanings worldwide in over 20 years. Award winner at big AC Cleaning tests “DAAB and Allergie konkret”.

Independently Tested

by ECARF with 5 Stars for the allergy free chemical

Fastest and most efficient

Reaching the right components

Fulfilling the Sinner Circle criteria

No removal of Evap and Filter Box necessary (no danger of scratches on the dashboard)

Only once a year necessary

Made in Germany

Top premium quality

Recommended by Association of German Engineers (VDI)

VDI Guideline 6032

Free 5 Points Safety Check

Come in for a FREE Safety Check on your vehicle

Our customers & testimonials are real.

You can become a testimonial, too!

This has made riding my car so much better. No more odour, no more smelly flavours and hasty rides due to that. 10/10!

My kids were the first noticing the difference. No more need for scent gimmicks because this is a permanent fix!

Super friendly service and fast processing. Recommended

Here are some impressions of our collaborations with our global partners

We are the technical experts for Car AC Cleaning and demonstrate together with our well known partners to end consumers how AC cleaning works and why it is necessary.

If you can spare the time, we would like to invite you to attend the cleaning at our workshops personally so you can see for yourself how this works and why it is so good.

BMW ASIA Technical Forum

We were invited as premium partner, to educate and demonstrate the airco well method in the regional conference for all regional technical trainers.

VOLKSWAGEN / AUDI “Service Clinic”

Another well known cooperation partner asked us, to demonstrate our service to end consumers for education purpose.

PORSCHE Product Launch

One of our great partners gave us the opportunity to launch in their premises with live demonstration on the cars.

Ok that makes all sense to me. Where can I buy this service and how does it work from here now? And by the way why is there such a big discount?

We grant a massive discount because we want you to try this product. We know that too many people don't know any better and are getting cheated by paying for cleanings that don't have the desired effect. With this cleaning, one a year intervals are totally sufficient.